Anywhere But Here Girl

If you’ve ever daydreamed of far off places you’ve never been to, but miss with all your heart as if you have, you’re an anywhere but here girl (or boy.) If you’ve ever… Continue reading

It’s A Good Friday kind of Love

It’s Good Friday. In fact, it’s been a Good week. I’ve been lucky, no, I’ve been blessed with some incredible, meaningful lessons brought to me this week by the universe in the form… Continue reading

When Ghost Towns Speak

Once lively, vibrant, full of life; there came a darkness that envied everything constructed in the light of her. A raging, fiery cloud of temper, fanned by insecurities and swirling in dark remorse.… Continue reading

2015 Let’s #flytogether

Nearly 16,000. That is how many times my words were read this year. There are almost no words to express what that means to me. But you know I’ll try 😉 I began… Continue reading

Tis’ the season… to shop Nashelle Designs!

For most of my readers, you know that I don’t flippantly endorse just anything or anyone. For me to really get behind something, I have to personally believe in it.  I want to… Continue reading

I Will Teach My Children To Give Away Their Shoes

Hey there to all my wonderful readers! I wanted to share with you my very first article contribution for the website Forward Walking, run by my author pal Seth Adam Smith. You might… Continue reading


Ok, something is up. If you know me, or have come to know me here, you may be aware that I am a huge believer in signs. And even though I don’t always… Continue reading

The Gloves Are Coming Off And It’s Going To Be Fine

I wrote this several months ago on my phone and I found it today as I was cleaning up some old notes. I remember that day vividly. As I sat, crumpled on the… Continue reading

An Open Letter to Shitty Husbands, Vol. 9

It’s not very often over this past year with you here, my loyal readers, that I choose to reblog something. This is one such blog post worthy of sharing. Matt is an incredibly… Continue reading

An Open Letter to The Monster Who Preyed Upon My Son, You’re Not Fooling Anyone Anymore.

It’s taken me a long time and a lot of soul searching to muster the courage to write this letter, and even more to make it public. But there comes a time when… Continue reading